Comodo Dragon 43 update Torrent Download
Comodo Dragon 43
Comodo Dragon 43 update Torrent Download

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Comodo Dragon is a powerful browser based on Chromium, the source code of Google Chrome. It’s fast, dynamic and has many features to make browsing online more;

Priority: safety talianComodo Dragon is more than «copy» easy to Chrome. It comes with several features that are security settings and many very useful. During installation, for example, the program allows the addition of Comodo SecureDNS, which ensures safe web browsing and block access to sites with high risk.

TheWebInspector browsers, including online services, which confirm the safety of the place and Privdog, which prevents ads, cookies, sensors and third-party devices.

In addition, Comodo Dragon is also equipped with Media Downloader to download videos online for free, and resources to quickly share web content to your Facebook account, Twitter and LinkedIn.

It also has some interesting features to discover and share content online.
media/winx-dvd-player-4-torrent-download/»>WinX DVD Player 4 You can highlight text and then drag and drop it into the address bar to perform a Google search, Google Images, Google Translate, YouTube or Wikipedia. You can also share links and content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus or LinkedIn, simply by dragging and dropping them to the brink of pelayar.Seperti Google Chrome, Comodo Dragon create a separate process for each tab opened, including bookmark management and has a page main with a preview of the most visited and also the option to create a private browsing session. Comodo Dragon also supports the same extensions installed;

In terms of design eleganDari use, Comodo Dragon not unlike Chrome. Simpleand sleek design with predominantly dark tones. Instead, it seems more robust browser Google.

Tools menu located on the left (not right in Chrome). Next to the address bar, you can find the button Privdog, WebInspect, availability and the media;

Like Chrome, but the developer lebihslogan explains. «The version that is safer and faster than Chrome» Until now, Comodo Dragon fulfilled his promise.

fast browser, but most importantly, it is very cautious when it comes to privacy and network security. Extension preloaded very effective and convenient SecureDNS is very useful to block sites with a high risk of malware and other online threats.

Comodo Dragon browser is ideal if you are looking for something a little more advanced than the words of Google Chrome features. It is ideal for those who wantsmore security when surfing;


Comodo Dragon 43


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