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Dunkirk 2017
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Allied forces in Belgium, the British Empire, Canada, France, and was surrounded by German troops and move during heavy fighting during World War II. Allied military evacuation of Belgium, the British Empire, Canada and France, which is cut off and amgylchynuo German troops from the beaches and harbor of Dunkirk, France, between May 26 and June 4, 1940 , during the Battle of France in World War II.

DunkirkChristopher Nolan`s taken Dunkirk evacuation historicoccurs during WorldwarII. It follows the risks faced by the Allies symudfilwyr of beaches and harbor of Dunkirk, France, where surrounded by German troops in May 1940 using any warships and civilian administration there indoor air and land troops Britain and France, more than 300,000 strong regular slow acgludo’n beach.


Classification: NA

General release date: July 20, 2017

Genre: Action / Drama / History

Duration: No


Cast: Tom Hardy, KilianMarfi, Mark Rylance, Kenet prana, Harry Styles

Directed by Kristofar Nolan

Format: 2D


Dunkirk 2017


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