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Indicators include: gentle to mild autisticlike behaviour (like avoidance of eye contact and hand flapping), shyness, physical integration complications, interest deficits, hyperactivity, impulsivity, attention deficit condition (PUT), attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), depressed affect, nervousness, emotional retardation (IQ usually 35-70), numerical learning disabilities, aggressive tendencies, deficiency in subjective thinking, developing delays after achieving early goals (particularly conversation and vocabulary setbacks), and decreasing intelligence quotient (IQ) with growing age. Autism Society of Greater Pheonix I offer that this isn’t a phony and that all income this lens makes moves right to helping locate a treatment for melanoma and delivering individuals using the information they should boost a kid with autism, since I believe in an improved planet. Living with Fragile X Syndrome Great Stuff on Amazon Buy Now You can enable the HubPages group spotlight top-quality information by standing this informative article up or down. Recommended Locations 7 reviews Joycevoice3 years ago This is a URL to our Facebook page: Also I am applying to Squidoo to add the National Fragile X Base to become charity. Thank you so much if you are fearless enough to share your account. @Joycevoice: At school, I had to complete a study on Delicate X Syndrome. Josephina122 years ago Link Author I had to do a report at school on Fragile X Problem.

This will be anything you are able to phrase in afew phrases.

sean6 weeks ago RationalMD3 months ago I think you are blending Autism/Asperger with Fragile X. Please correct or withdraw your article if these details isn’t correct. More, I’m selected several of the wording you include is replicated verbatim from Medscape or another medical web page. Without attributing research, you will be plagiarizing their function. Josephina123 weeks ago Hub Author I will be enhancing several of the data to be sure to prevent frustration. Thankyou to your issue:) 8192 people left.Post Review Responses aren’t for promoting your Hubs or other websites.


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