Imagine Picture Viewer 2 Jam Jam free download torrent
Imagine Picture Viewer 2
Imagine Picture Viewer 2 Jam Jam free download torrent

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Imagine, image viewer is a lightweight alternative to viewing by default in Windows, add some basic editing tools.

With Imagine picture viewer you can browse images on your computer without destroying a large graphic suites.
The program also has anaalatki number of basic editing tasks, such as resizing, cropping, adjusting brightness iKontrast, moving and rotating.

Imagine image viewer also includes a few simple effects to give photos an original touch. You can convertdefense slikacrno and white, sepia tone to apply to it, and even looks like oil painting. If you edit the picture, you can do it in Flickr, Picasa, Twitpic and imageshack the program to share.

So, keep in mind that Imagine picture viewer has some limitations:It can be done only minatataakcija a bit slow when editing large images, but it is still better than the default viewer for Windows’, anyway.

With Imagine Picture viewer not only easy viewer for your photos, but easy editing application todo the basic problem of image

zabezpechytyDoSlika Viewer supports the following formats



Imagine Picture Viewer 2


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