Kaspersky Anti Virus 2017 download torrent
Kaspersky Anti Virus 2017
Kaspersky Anti Virus 2017 download torrent

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Kaspersky is a new version of the popular anti-virus, now the most powerful engines, redesigned for better applications, and protects more harm online.

Turn your computer into a fortress

Ltd.Kaspersky Anti-Virus, and block viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, rootkits and other types of malware.

Protecting the best real-time files, email and Internet filtering efficiency saobraćajuzimajući. kuzuiahadaa also plan to identify and block malware infected connection set.

Kaspersky Internet Security includes defense systemsif the file is an act of incredible blocks, necessary to prevent attacks that may have malware still not recognized by the database. In addition, this new version of Kaspersky provides additional protection for ransomware.

In Toolssekcija Kaspersky Anti-Virus, you can find some of the most important safety options

Finally, KIS has introduced new updates automatically in the version available.

New Design

KasperskyNa new design, the new edition is dedicated to efficient user interface and more severe.

The main display showszaštiteračunara conditions and provides easy access to major areas: Analysis, updates, reports and a virtual keyboard. Additional options can be accessed by clicking Shov more tools.

The basic configuration of Kaspersky Anti-Virus is perfect for most users. Experienced users can customize their settings to kwendaOrodha Environment (not visible in the interface).

powerful and reliable antivirus changes, but no major

Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) market is one of the most popular antivirus.antivirus scanning engine is one of the best new design and it will make it even more user friendly.
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As a new feature, there are some important discoveries in the latest version, but the tools and options to improve the overall performance on the virus.

KIS consume fewer resources than in the past, he Ipak a long way to go in terms hili.Ingawa great antivirus works best when used computer equipment as well.


Kaspersky Anti Virus 2017


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