LC Technology Solid State Doctor 3 Download
LC Technology Solid State Doctor 3
LC Technology Solid State Doctor 3 Download

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Solid State Doctor SSD (Solid State Drive) Utility Suite is an indispensable tool for performance improvement, Festplattenklonierung optimization, data security, and management software for solid state drives (SSDs).

More importantly, the SSD Toolkit is an active support tool that gives you the opportunity to make informed data decisions if you want to save it to secure it securely or drive the finish. * Optimize you.

This apartment is so édeseñadosuErmöglichtVon maximum performance and lifetime of Solid State Drive on Microsoft operating systems. The SSD Utility Suite provides access to some of the unique features that are built into Solid State Drive today.


The drive information tool here can see the basic information about each drive in the system. Displayed information includes model number, serial number, software version, port number, disk size, ATA version, Supported to device temperature,Lifetime of wear and tear.

With the Tools Commission Committee on the tool allows the user to allocate a portion of free disk space SSD to be used by the SSD controller in the specified guidelines. This space is created überproportionierte in the device, making the driver manage the performance and durability SSD eobter better.

Clone Disk Utility Clone Disk Utility Copy the contents of the selected source disk to the selected target disk.

TRIM Optimization ToolOptimizer Utility is a command to SSD TRIM, the SSD drive says data blocks are no longer used as data left over by deleted files. Regular use of the TRIM command will help the SSD to provide maximum performance. We include support for Microsoft AHCI and Intel Matrix Storage Manager for every MS OS *.

The status tool displays the status of the unit as a whole, as well as the individual characteristics of the unit.

SafeThe Wipe Drive Secure Wipe tool allows the user to safely delete all the contents of the device. This feature may place the drive in a raw state without the original file plan. Data on the disk can not be restored to clean the seguraser. For security reasons, a safe cleaning tool can not afford to remove the contents of the boot disk for the user.


Unpack and install

Perform key generation and enter the fieldActivation ()

Use the key to register the generated application

Block connection firewall


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LC Technology Solid State Doctor 3


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