Lego Marvel Super Heroes 1 x86-x64 fast-dl torrent
Lego Marvel Super Heroes 1
Lego Marvel Super Heroes 1 x86-x64 fast-dl torrent

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Lego Marvel Super Heroes all this can come in handy to fans of Marvel Heroes. Last name Traveller Tales is a fun game that has achieved a perfect balance between the world of comics and small yellow numbers.

Construction Dekonstruktionsabenteuer

The main mode inLego Marvel Super Heroes is the story mode, knownplayers zvychaynyhLego games. In his rusiSamostiyno. For closed scenario, although very broad, and continue by dissolving vorPuzzles and killing enemies if you can assemble the parts and other debris on the road, you will enjoy a few surprises.

Unlikeon the other Lego games in which nyagledyachynizki difficulty level you must sometimes seem a bit on the next stage in the Marvel Super Heroes Lego, the path is very clear on front.Gra tells you almost all the time what to do next, or through messages ( «You We need a big sign to breakthrough this door «) or pachutstsёmpavuka really obvious IndikatorenWie Spider-Man.

Despite this simplicity, the game is very interesting, because every step is very well designed with a completely destroyed the classic scripts and resources to access different areas.

nastupnogoklasichnithe level of repetition, allowing razblakavatsnovyya characters or spaces, includes other highlights in the open world where you can do a short mission or just to get a chance to explore the city with your favorite characters.

Miracle heroes remain true to their origins

mostthe success of Lego Marvel Super Heroes as Tales mandrivnikapovinen managed to convey the essence of each cartoon character in the form of Alego doll. Each superpower each character has successfully demonstrated that they are very similar to the comic book heroes, and they, in turn, is very well suitedto the typical mechanism of these games.

naprykladHulkcan transformed Bruce Banner and LasterVersa, and its destructive power is above average; Spider-Man has a few options, as his tracks, the Black Widow to be in addition to being in the fight, the team «Scheduler» and one who can cansolvepuzzles.
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Of course, all theseforces represented Lego’sgreat sense of humor, but pachutstsёgumaru that respect for the characteristics of each character in the comics and movies.

Exciting, but less than before

graphic dvizhokv Lego games is showing its age. What seemed fine to us a few years ago, nowcurrently limited to just being striking. But you need to bolshgulnya puzzle for all ages?

Miracles figures are not only well developed in their abilities, but also their physical resemblance to the original perfectly. Physically large characters, or as a villain Galactus Sand offerSome of the most vidovischnihMomenty in Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

The way in which New York byvpraygrany also be noted, and it works as an open world scenario. If you’ve ever passed through the city of skyscrapers, you can recognize some of the buildings and monuments, all of which, of course,turn into Lego-style.

Sound guys did a good job with more chymprymalnym sound (although I still enjoy the game Lego unbound), and a soundtrack that made up on topics that are of various films miracle barn.

great fun

storiestravelers did it again: You have taken a very popular franchise and has managed to turn Lego yagou, resulting in a very interesting game.

can Buti game Lego Marvel Super Heroes is not very complicated, but the respect for the Marvel, a great sense of humor and a variety of characters and levels makes itperfect to play entertaining, egalWas your age or skill with the control group.


Lego Marvel Super Heroes 1


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