Microsoft Office 2016 x64-x86 Download
Microsoft Office 2016
Microsoft Office 2016 x64-x86 Download

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release Information

— OS: 10.7 SP1 + Server / Server 2012 R2 / 2012 / Server2008 R2

— Language: English (EN-US)

— Channel: Volume License

— Version (SP1)

— Architecture K86 / K64

— RasstoykiInstrumenty: English, French, Spanish

— Recycled avgust9, 2016

The default configurationUser (using a slightly modified BTI — Office Tool)

— Skip Licenseagreement

— Configure Options- all programs and functions by default will be installed by default, except for Linc (Skypebiznes) * Office and telemetry ** — Obviously you can edit all the parameters as you wish

* Linc (Skype for Business) (why should not install or take,to set it as «optional updates» from the Microsoft Update)

The fact is, the default settings budeVstalyavats Link (Skype for Business), if your computer has a Skype client isalready installed or not.

If you choose to install Skype for Business with Office settings, it will continue until the optionsfor Skype settings, which asks you to run Skype on Windows startup, ustalyuytseSkype Press to access, install Bing as a search engine and MSN as your home page, and then asks you to sign.

This is where the confusion begins. Which account should I use? If you chooseSkype name and use the existing (Personal / home) account will be set for the computer identity koristidva — Skypedlya yourpersonal account and Skype for business for it to work right. When you select a Microsoft account, you will create a new Live ID with your work e-mail — thatyou probably do not want to work.

** Telemetry control (for some reason do not want to share data)

Telemetry Control Panel displays imyaImёny files and documents each user most frequently used list that could disclose personal or confidentialinformation about the user or organization. Names dodacimai other solutions used by the Office are also shown.

Theagent collects inventory telemetry, use and other application data and add it to a shared folder, where it is processed by a processorservice, known as telemetry and inserted into the SQL database. Telemetry Panel connects to the database, so that it can demonstrate the use of office files, software and solutions zabespyachennyaaksesuary.

bonus directory

— KMSpico + Microsoft Toolkit final (activators)

-Classic Menu for Office (Office 2003Tip adds toolbars and menus for Office 2013.)

— Office Tab (edit multiplefiles in a single window with tabs)

— Previous versions uninstaller (Office 2003,2007 of 2010)

— Disable / Restore option «Login» in the Office applications (registration file)

— Disable / Office 2013 recovery.Telemetry (registration file)

— ShellNevHandler (easy to remove New Microsoft_ in the context menu of Windows Explorer)



— Remove all previously installed versiivykarystovvayuchy uninstaller provided (bonus folder) and restart akopotreban

— Mount / recording / extract ISO files

-Install Office2013

— Activate using Microsoft Toolkit (bonus folder, click the Office button, AutoKMS to install, and then click Activate)

Visual Studio -Vstanovka Office Runtime (Bonus folder)


— Classic Menu for Office + serial

— Tab Serial Control

— Merger Reg imageRemove / Restore Management Report 2013 to remove / Resume submission in accordance with (a reboot is required)

— Merger Reg file Mute / restore Office 2013. Telemetryyadlya removal / restoreTelemetrija (requires a reboot)

— RunShellNevHandler (easy to remove New Microsoft_ in the Explorer context menuWindows)


Microsoft Office 2016


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