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PES 2014 Patch
PES 2014 Patch torrent download

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Konami PES 2014, they found the official game update was originally released to fix all errors. If you have a PC game, the patch is necessary.

Errors finkoaPSEren 2014 patch changes, and optimizes various ways to make. In addition, on-line multiplayer menu usability improvements have been implemented, especially the problem of PES Master League Online da.Play gabeBi were affected by the problem corrected through gambling. First of all, due to the poor location of the players, you have to replace them with a problem, and plans to consider a motion sensitivity also improves screen da. Erakusketa you need to be resolved, so you will not see an error message, and the way the legend dauka players looking for work. Gure view mode? See this 2015Adabaki PES PES 2014 to be played without problems. After the game PES 2015, which a few years represented the best soccer game on Konami. Check out our review here.

PES 2014 takes the field again, this time with afocus gameplay. The new graphics engine, improved animation and atmosphere in this version is a major highlightsof.

League, Cup, tournaments and online multiplayerPro Evolution Soccer, and already has a patch available for download, offers a variety of game modes: match — Allows youtake participate in one game ai ?? or challenge a friend.

Football Life — Master League allows you to play online and offline. Create your team, manage contracts, buy and sell players, and the glory of the team leadyour. With this new work, for now, the country has been manager. Basically, the availability of improved gamehas simplified structure.

Pick one player to be Legend- themprogress through a brilliant career. So, you can choose a player to be agoalkeeper, for example, take aim himunbeatable be thecaptain his team, and issuingcommands, yourdefense, what to Buffon or Casillas.

Competition — Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 brings the championship, and that was lacking in PES 2013. In addition, Cup mode, which can be customized to your liking, or you can play in online tournaments to play. As usual, you can play Inthe Champions League, Europa League, Copa Libertadores and this year’s Asian Champions League (allthese competitions in the official licenses). On the other hand, various agreements Theres LCENSE club team, includingEnglish German side and that is a big gap, and that Konami does not receive all rights (FC Chelsea London called City ManBlue and Germany lot of teams only intact, no in game).

Education — Training theperfect way hone their technical skills. This form is divided into 5 levels of learning has a wide range of training programs. manuals are well explained in the game, special moves and more movement. Even after corners, free kicks and penalties during prestatzea.loadingstages, will gettips plane and moves in certain situations in the game, taking advantage of intermissionthat auseful when dead! PES 2014 Menu designisnt bad, but in terms of availability, it is definitely a step back FIFA 14 modern and new.

Full freedom of movement controls zelaianJoko PES 2014 does not suffer any major disasters. The main novelty is TrueBall Tech: controlof improved analog stick to stop or control the ball, you can 360 degrees. The result is extraordinary realism and movement in PES unprecedentedfreedom. Impossible, as improved physics, is no longer a nuisance meaningtheres Bowling Ball effectthat arethe working for years to improve the lot of lagunduta.Ere, which is much easier and more compelling arenow. Power, weight and physical strength of the players have an impact on results or shoulder to shoulder dezake.Maniobras strugglesbetween affect the players are now also more rational; Favorsteam to play the game, and the pace is slower than in previous years. He was more difficultto steal the ball back to the player and he was killed. Now players fieldand thetiming position, exercise the right of access to study or play players took a shot from behar.
PES 2014 a sudden change in the direction of the latest games, where they are in their movements more natural. Cross is the first of more than through manual calibration, shots are available, however, is a bit like some of the ways it can be improved pasatzen.Thegoalkeepers; They have excellent animation, and some remarkable saves. They come in the form of balls and crosses forhigh lobby, slowness and lack of reactivity of the shot when the striker facing is poor, but (Y button on the joystick Xbox) .Adimen fake PES 2014 Welland processed by the CPU moves the player is one of the most haba great moments, key andwhen workas group capable of taking pictures that you leave quietly. There are 6 different difficulty mailak.Baina ai has a good fit for your team to participate in PES 2014 also requires. FIFA least the theater district, but the lack of an editor for a number of modules that have the potential to create new Fox Anthea emanez.Aparteko gameclimate PES 2014 graphics engine works well. all details are taken into account, and some actual physical resemblance between the virtual players are interesting (but only popular ones, are not so popular it is a little rough around the edges). Greate steps have been taken in the production of each level unique items Foreach choreographic and billboards taldearekin.Hobekuntza addition, the engine still has to mature, we noticed a constant frame loss, although they do not affect the gaming experience. Moreover, the gap could be rain or snow. It’s not a dealbreaker, but the game at this level itscertainly ezohikoa.PSEren 2014 another new feature is the almost complete absence of binary is that players are now free and without pre-arranged locations mugitu.Soinu effects are perhaps the best elements PES 2014 12 spectators player on the field , continuing with a thud supportingthe team, galvanizingevery is a risky move, atopponents theirheroes whistling and waving in achieving the goals, especially in the frenetic games. In short, casual atmosphere gamer Konami has managed to really get a sense sortzeko.Aro will participate in the new rianPro Evolution Soccer, is the dawn of a new era. This version is based on the game over command of the game, player control, review of ball physics, true development, and improve the gaming experience more ezaugarri.Beraz eventually stretched FIFA PES 2014? In a word -; EAsimulator still king, but the gap has narrowed, and it is certainly a viable option for Konami titleis orain.Garatzaileei pleasure, reward, and the game allows players toimmerse own any other football matches in the same stadium dute.Fox engines, although immature and slightly rough edges next Sunday franchise. Konami has definitely made a big step in the right direction: it has improved many aspects of the simulation title, to the great joy of all the purists of the genre.


PES 2014 Patch


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