Phase One Capture One Pro 10 Download
Phase One Capture One Pro 10
Phase One Capture One Pro 10 Download

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Capture One Pro 10 — an excellent selection of photo editing software! Designed for the most demanding photographers the world, Capture One Pro is the choice of professionals in the field of visualization software.

All about color

Capture One Pro is known for its unique obsługikolor. Our rooms custom profiles, each RAW file Shine — directly from the camera. If you are looking for creative color correction tools, or you want to achieve natural colors in the image, Capture One Pro provides a powerful visionand appropriate to achieve instrumentydlyaTwoja.

property management

asset management is essential for any photographer or video management every working individual or large collections and thousands of pictures. Capture One Pro provides equipment and solutions for every type of photographer who makes property management easier for quickly and efficiently.

full control

Capture One Pro is designed for image quality and ease of kutumiaakili. Each tool is designed to provide complete control over all aspects redahuvannya- maintenance,rehabilitation and optymalizacjiwszelkie information from your RAW file. Full range of tools to provide an opportunity to reach always a perfect result.

Workflow and Productivity

And configurable tool shortcut keys for graphics acceleration and immediately equalized capture — PrzechwytywanieOne Pro is designed to reduce stress and kuongezautendaji. Create your own work space and choose your way to work in Capture One Pro.

What’s new in Capture One Pro 10:

high efektyvnistdvyhun

Capture One Pro10 improves engine performance by przeglądaniepowiększanie speed, drilling, environment and quickly switch between images.

three shiner

Complete control over sharpening capture to output. adjustment diffraction, an innovative new Halo Control makes grinding easier and recipes niezależnejWyjściekung’arisha eliminates guessing the amount of the final size.

output adjustment

Immediately take the guesswork out of picture resizing: Evidence ICC profile-scale compression and output sharpening instructions on new characters.


związanyaparat consideration from the computer. These bright Shots operation has not been easy.

Help Kasatelnaya panel

Support various professional tangent panel input is adjusted to the next level. Analog digital darkroom.

malezisupercharged LCC

LCC was zmienionyze support for multithreading, making it 10 times faster LCC analyze.

catalogs shvydkozshyvachOb’yednannya

Folders can be moved and connected to a reorganization of the directory using a simple drag and drop.

Filter byfocus

Photos can be filtered orientacjiznaleźć landscape, portrait or square photo.

Auto Mask for All

Automask performance now extends for more photos Bayermuundo such as Fuji xtrans, RAW and TPO.

Improved OTR and RAW

Yes capture a complete set of functions for correcting lens aberration chromatycznaAnaliza LCC and the current generation can be more vykorystaniz compressed formats from Canon and Nikon.
See the release notes for the full support of the table.

ExtendedAppleScript (Mac only)

Meta data fields of elections and the state of the EIP package can now be focused on the automation of processes.


— set the program not to run

— copy the contents of the folder crack in the root directory of the program

— The default directory is C: / Program Files / First / Capture One 10

— run

— Go to Edit — Preferences — Update — Avtomatychnopereviryty when the update will not change nigdy- close

64bit Win 10 — screen after installation:


Phase One Capture One Pro 10


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