Snagit 13.0 32bit-64bit download
Snagit 13.0
Snagit 13.0 32bit-64bit download

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Snagit is a new software application that is used primarily for screen capture and screen recording. Take pictures and articles that need attention and share information with customers, colleagues or friends.Until now logged in, you can save time and resources.

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Allows you to capture images or video quickly and easily is a key feature ofSnagit. With the technical press hold, drag, can snimiteprozorec, area or screen.

máisimpresionante is able to collect a small Lao Sin video and GIF made to make maximum impact in presentation or email.Included software editor function that allows users to add text, arrows, logos and brands catch.

This makes it possible to share your information in a clear and colleaguesconcise. Users can zoom zgolemitei Lao Sin message to focus on your performance and directly to the point.

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Snagit is a great tool for business, or just bring clarity to your communications.Reply to email messages quickly, the complete and concise information involved.
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He is very professional and Lao Sin of the software on multiple levels tempoaforrar.


Snagit 13.0


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