Space Rogue unpacked torrent
Space Rogue unpacked
Space Rogue unpacked torrent

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Take on the role of captain of a spaceship. Lead your team in the galaxy, where the ultimate goal is for you. Fighting piracy or peace as you explore new worlds, improve your ship and hire a crew to take part in intense battles ship-to-ship.

Roguepinagsasama space strategy, tactics and adventure game that gives you complete freedom to explore the galaxy and choose their ownpurpose. In isolation mode, you can also have the ability to perform fine-tuning of various parameters of the game (the enemy forces, thefrequency of random events puwersaarmas, etc.).

Keep your gun ready! Almost all random events have several different functions: Each verse is different from the last part of the world created from scratch every time you start a new game

6 races with differentcharacter and battle tactics

Fast and exciting space nalaban

More than 200 random events and quests (and this is just the beginning!)

The ability to mine the planet for minerals. Intelligence operation!

Separate mode where you can customize hrusvitovoyigeneration algorithm and the basic parameters of the game. NBA 2K17 Legend

Stylish graphics, inspired gintoEdad of Science Fiction

Atmospheric «retro» soundtrack


Space Rogue unpacked


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