Stellaris Galaxy Edition v1 64-Bit
Stellaris Galaxy Edition v1
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Title: Stella

Genre: Simulation Strategy

Developer: Paradox Development Studio

Publisher Paradox Interactive

Publication date: 09 July 2016


Galaxy explore the vast panicking foreign cultures, the integration of the colonies of the heads of the planets. to achieve a just peace wars cease to the ends of the arts hit the road? In sum galaxies FeaturesDeep of things, it contains a variety of customization razasa thousand, and abnormalities of Diplomacylost and bright outside, scientist referred to the conduct of the process by the needs of war, great visual effects designer are based on a wide range of space.

System Requirements

Minimum OS Windows 7 x86 or Pentium newerProcessor 2640 @ GHz 4 / Core 2 Quad or Intel (9) 400 @ GhzMemory: RAMGraphics 2 GB HD (5) 2 770 Core / or NVIDIA GTX 460 with 1024MB VRAM. Both are available to slow the drivers WHQL Version: yellow spaceSound Internet available for anBut 10 straight in all estwide connectionStorage 4GB, as much as there are a cardAdditional Notes: Controladorapoio: 3-button mouse, speakers and developers. Special multiplayer requirements: Internet connection LAN or multiplayer.

Recommended OS or Windows 7 x64 newerProcessor: 850 @ 4 Intel, Intel Pentium, Intel or i3 2100 @ GhzMemory 4GB RAMGraphics: HD (6) 850 Core 2 / or NVIDIA GTX 560te with 1024MB VRAMDirectX Version: 4 GB card available spaceSound cure DirectX cardAdditionalPraecipua:Controller support: 3-button mouse, speakers and developers.
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máisnovos players when a special requirements: Internet connection LANpara, or several young players.


Stellaris Galaxy Edition v1


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