UC Browser 8 Download
UC Browser 8
UC Browser 8 Download

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UC Browser is an Internet browser that pass quickly to your BlackBerry phone.

There are more practical for mobile browsers Blackberry model existing phone themselves, but if you still havent got one for you, check out UC Browser. UTorrent Pro 3 download

What to bring to the table

UC Browser has several features that help it stand out. For starters, the main page has a link nkeuse quick access, help is divided into fields of study, such as UCEntertainmentdan own proposal.

Needless to say that there is a tab browsing, and key management options. It also has a nice scrolling window function, and many options to indicate clearly when you press the menu key.

UC Browser has several features that other browsers out that night and deelmet SMS / Whatsapp. Even so, it is not the quality of the fast is a more general way, such as Twitter or Facebook to share with others.

uC browserlook?

Unfortunately, UC Browser The main problem is the screen — plain ugly. Ok, so it is clear and easy to read, but the new space with the application looks like something at the beginning of 1993, I think we have a problem!

Ekhet also use UC had seen the video navigator, but can not be said of the developers supported video format.


UC Browser is a patchwork that exists in the region, and weak in others.

What’s new


display newteks

HalamanPilih adjusted color background to any of your favorite websites.

baruNavigation HalamanMudah use navigation guidance redesigned drop down menu.

30% -60% faster on our Facebook MemuatBeban 30% -60% faster dibandingkandengan other popular browsers.

download voortgesetteal terputusMenghemat use of data and the current interrupted downloads resume where it left off.

Less waiting WaktuTunggu less when you move fromone page to another.

Cepatstartup fast start when you open the browser.

More options for videoPilih play andavideo favorite video player online and offline.


UC Browser 8


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