World of Tanks EU Version 9 Download
World of Tanks EU Version 9
World of Tanks EU Version 9 Download

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World of Tanks is a game of massive multiplayer online RPG (MMORPG) is. Buy and tanks to collect and develop, then the European environments on the battlefield.

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a game of capture the flag in the battle between two tanks. World of Tanks six classes tank, light and heavy tanks destroyer of the USSR, Germany and the United States. He participated in the battles of experience, eque can spend on research to improve and get new zuretankeak win.

Short, battlesaddictive

When you enter a battle,there will be a number of tanks in the area. A world of tanks game lasts 15 minutes, on one side, unless, before the victory. No world revival of Tanks — The game will last as long as survive. If your tank is destroyed, the xogoPode access and another with a glass different. You will still have the opportunity to gain experience points. This helps ease the frustration of being blown berriakdenean players, tanks can experience a greater experience!


World of Tanks is a good idea, and is one of themost popular, very well. However, the game is very dry and serious, and the interface is moimedo is started. Battles are fun, but playing against a very strong player can be annoying.


Some investment of time, World of Tanks can be very entertaining. DuguHori expected before the release of the last game becomes more accessible to newcomers

What’s new

maps, objects and vehículostextura Enhanced HD graphics for the new modegame: the historic battlefield


World of Tanks EU Version 9


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