YAC 6 6 Didums fast-dl torrent
YAC 6 6
YAC 6 6 Didums fast-dl torrent

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Cleaner another prominent leader, is the best software for PC maintenance and optimization, tool sets that are free, multilingual and suitable for every level of user.

Many applications for maximum efektivnostOshte Cleaner is one who cares about your system, kuwekawazi, fast and secure from any possible opasnost.Ot Home tab, you have a description of the state of your computer. From there, it can run analyzes for fast optimization of your kompyutar.YAC will be bersihSistem Motti fileunnecessary, invalid registry entries, cache, historiabrowser and more. It also helps you find and resolve browser hijacking, removing adware and malware detection infektsii.Tya also comply with all of the plugin is installed and detection of potentially dangerous applications or remove them as neobhodimo.Izpolzvane makusudikusaidia Boostoption System you can speed up your computer to optimize the process automatically when you turn on Windows, as well as adjust the connection memoridannastroyki.Doridopalnitelno internet, the list includes the system software reboot naoptimization Manager history tracking and removing rarely used program (if you agree), network monitoring and many poveche.I Finally, another Cleaner includes a useful gadget with two functions: the first allows you to visually kufuatiliana install process that takes valuable RAM, while the second makes test your connection speed and advise you which apps are consuming the most bandwidth.

creationbesardesain and application polzvaemostNay interface features a clean and beautiful, and above all kituinaweza you want in terms ofusability: each component listed in the column on the left, while the characteristics in each category is a very clear and well obyasneni .Broyat offered in YAC is great, but the simplicity of the design makes it suitable for low uzoefumtu.

apartamentYAC quality optimization program, which is surprising in, you can cleanevery part of your PC’s performance standart.Naypada also top-notch: great analysis speed, low resource utilization, and software kuwarahisi enough to use by even the most inexperienced potrebiteli.
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Oshte Cleaner is the recommended solution for cleaning, speeding and found the PC you, acompletely free package without the annoying ads that have nothing to envy paid likeTuneUp service solutions.


YAC 6 6


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